Silence in the Library



Today was interesting.
I made this kid’s day at the library. He was stocking shelfs, and he looked so bored. So I told him, “You are really interesting to me, Can I take your photo?”
He blushed, and stood in a very uncomfortable position, straight like a soldier, clutching a book tightly to his side. Looking straight ahead at me, dead stare right in the middle of my lens. I wish I had taken the photo then, but instead I told him, “No, just like how you were, stocking books. I don’t know, I just liked the look of it when I walked by.”  He did not saying anything, just slightly tipped his head towards me, and knealt down. His movements became slightly unnatural, and I noticed he was shelving with his right hand, he was now using his left.
After I snapped the photo, I thanked him, and in a whirlwind of my own self consciousness, promptly ran away.
I realize now, how he was smiling in the photo. That made me smile too. Thanks stranger 🙂

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