Tara’s Awesome outdoor impromptu session!



Tara is a really awesome girl!
She is sweet, considerate, kind, and very passionate about what she loves and believes in- but the biggest and best thing about her personality is-she is HILARIOUS!Image

Tara is great at impressions and making silly faces. She had me laughing so hard I was almost in tears several times! She is really fantastic with improv and situational comedy.

Not only is she funny, but, she is a natural beauty as well. It did not take much work at all to make her look amazing!Image

Her smile brightens the room-especially the more you get to know about her charitable nature. Tara has been on mission trips to India, she loves to travel and help people in need. A glamorous mother theresa of sorts 😉

ImageOur session was a joy because of Tara’s exuberant personality! We had so much fun, I cannot wait for next time!

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