Witches Brew Opens in Morristown, TN!



For anyone who ever claimed there was ‘nothing to do in Morristown’ allow me to introduce you to your new ‘something to do’! 


The story starts with three awesome chicks who decided to combine their resources and collective boredom in their previous jobs to create the most eclectic, cozy, and unique place to go for a brew in the city! After a quick jaunt across the universe in the TARDIS, and much soul searching, they finally landed at 3606 West Andrew Johnson Hwy Suite 16, the plaza right across the street from Manley Baptist Church! With the TARDIS  parked, and the perception filters were set to disguise it like a restroom, they set to work!


I felt immediately at home here, every detail is perfection, from the literary quotes painted on the walls to the cozy mix of pillows in the window seats and ambient lighting, I knew this would be a great place to curl up with a cup of coffee, get into a great novel and just be peaceful.


They make it SO easy to love as well! The coffee, sandwiches, and pastries are out of this world tasty! Every corner of the cafe is like stepping into a creative dreamworld, with different ambient areas throughout. No matter what your mood is, you will find your favorite seat!




One of the best things besides the ambient atmosphere, delicious provisions and cozy chairs, is there are GAMES!!! AHHH!!! You can chill out with a few buddies and play Uno, or Mad Gab. By yourself? Try some solitaire! 



The artwork on the walls is fantastic! Every bit of this venue is so inspired! I just love it, and I know anyone who walks in will get the same feeling of peace, welcome, and inspiration. 
The owners are going to be hosting a TON of local events to help charitible organizations within the community. They have really big hearts, and they are really passionate about the people of Morristown, so get ready because your ‘nothing to do’ theory is about to get turned upside down!

Check them out on Facebook!  Like them and get updates on all the awesome happenings at the brew!

3 thoughts on “Witches Brew Opens in Morristown, TN!

  1. Wow!!!! You really did an amazing job. You made the place look even more enchanting. The article was most excellent and extremely witty and charming. What a pleasure to have met you. Creative juices are flowing. Stop by anytime and we’ll play silly buggers or just muck about. lol

    The Coffee Witches


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