Great day at the Adopt-a-Thon with the Saint Bernard Rescue of Tennessee!


Last Saturday at PetSense in downtown Morristown the Saint Bernard Rescue of Tennessee joined with a few other local shelters put on a great event to help some lovable furry friends to find new homes. Image

Saint Bernards are very docile and loving dogs. You may recognize them from the 90s film series ‘Beethoven.’ However, long before Beethoven drooled on the big screen, this breed was famous for being rescue dogs since the early 18th century. Monks living in the dangerous and snowy St.Bernard pass-a route through the Alps between Italy and Switzerland, kept these fluffy friends as rescue aids. Over the span of 200 years, an estimated 2,000 people from lost children to Napolean’s soldiers were rescued because of the canine’s uncanny sense of direction and resistance to cold temperature.

Well, sometimes the heroes need rescuing themselves, and these guys are no exception. The Saint Bernard Rescue of Tennessee is a non-profit organization ran by a Husband and Wife team out of Dandridge, TN.  With alot of love, and little help from various foster families who temporarily take dogs until a permanent home can be found; they aren’t just housing these sweet creatures, but they rehabilitate them as well!

Meet Armani! Although Armani is not a Saint Bernard, he is another big breed called a Great Pyrenees. Armani is small right now but he will grow into his big paws soon! He is only 4 months old at the moment, and he has already experienced every dog owner’s worst nightmare-a few weeks ago, he was hit by a car! Left on the side of the road, a very nice woman saw him struggling for his life and picked him up. After being denied surgery from a bigger organization, he was taken to Knoxville where his broken pelvis was mended and a pin was placed in his femur. Armani is still healing, and he walks with a slight limp at the moment, but he is well on his way to a full recovery!


Armani’s Surgery was $800 at the end of the day-but the St.Bernard rescue is only asking $350 for an adoption fee to take this sweetie home!

One of the rescues found a wonderful new home on Saturday! Watson was adopted by a very sweet couple who took him home to two brothers/sisters to play with!


It was an emotional experience for the owners of the rescue as they said goodbye to Watson, you could absolutely say all the dogs are being kept in a home full of love!


Such a loving home, in fact, the sweet couple who run the rescue have 12 dogs of their own, two of which come to the Adopt-a-thons frequently as Ambassadors of the rescue.



And Zeus!



If you know me, you know my clients mean the world to me. My aim is to document their world and make every memory as precious and unique as they are. I will be donating 1 session a month to the shelter with an instant photo booth for those who come to the events. All proceeds go back to the rescue to help support this selfless and wonderful cause.

Keep checking back for more updates!

For more information, go to for more information or to adopt a new friend 🙂

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