Gonzo Gourmet, Great Food, Will Travel!



Brandon Wilson from Atlanta started like most people with dreams do, doing almost exactly the opposite of what their heart wants! We all start somewhere, and Brandon found himself after being a professional Journalist. After climbing up the ladder far enough to run his own publication, Brandon realized he had really lost sight of what he loved; cooking quality and creative food for people to enjoy. He attended University of Tennessee’s culinary school to hone in on his skills and is finally doing what he really loves!


His dreams now becoming reality, Brandon has invested his entire life in creating his ‘Gonzo Gourmet’ food truck. Usually when you think of a food truck, a very specific image comes to mind. Greasy spoon, frozen food, static menu comprised of hot dogs, hamburgers and the occasional fried fish filet (if they are feeling fancy.)
To imagine the culinary treats in store at Gonzo Gourmet-throw all your pre-concieved notions out the window!
Gonzo Gourmet is serving up truly innovative, fun and delicious recipes to tantalize even the most discerning tastebuds.


Take for example, the Outlaw Eggs Benny shown below: a poached egg topped with jalapeño hollandaise, sitting on a bed of black beans and served in a bacon bowl.

That is just a small sample of the wonderful and unique selection you will find here. Gonzo Gourmet is sure to please any pallet-From savory & spicy dishes including Nashville hot chicken, homemade sausage, chorizo, bratwurst and Carnitas tacos, to the need for sweets with innovative deserts like deep fried ice cream, covered in pound cake placed in a crust made of Lucky Charms and deep fried! How can anyone resist?

Facts to know about Gonzo Gourmet:

  • Gonzo Gourmet uses all fresh ingredients, as well as only locally grown & sold products.
  • Gonzo Gourmet’s menu is flexible-meaning they will invent new and exciting items to make any event you hire them for truly ‘trailer made’
  • They are ready and able to cater to any event, including;  Weddings, Streetside Vending, work luncheons, & banquets.
  • They have vegetarian options available.
  • Grand opening is set for October 25th at the UT Conference Center




How to contact Gonzo Gourmet and start catering your next event:


‘Like’ them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gonzogourmet
Website: http://gonzogourmetfood.com
E-Mail: gonzogourmetfood@gmail.com
Call: (770) 733-0490

One thought on “Gonzo Gourmet, Great Food, Will Travel!

  1. If the Gonzo Gourmet’s cooking is half as good as his girlfriend’s then he is sure to be a huge success! Ill be on the look out for the truck next time I’m in the area.


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