Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

“Sorry Mom, but I’m not going to make it to Tennessee..” was the gist of what this wonderful woman heard her son tell her in regard to visiting her for her 70th birthday. Content with spending the day with her daughter, she accepted he would not come, however much she really wanted him to. Little did she know that her loving children were conspiring to give her the biggest birthday surprise yet.
I had the honor of immortalizing this fantastic moment for their family. Happiness is not the word, sheer joy, elation, over the moon excitement is what I witnessed when she opened the door and saw her son standing there. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place, including your humble photographer.
Today her daughter received a letter in the MAIL, you know, that thing we all did before the internet? Not only does that entail a trip to the post office on the other side of town, but her daughter lives 1/8th of a mile away! This is part of the reason I love this woman, she truly is a classy, elegant lady. Not only has she aged with such an incredible grace I could not believe she was 70, but she has such wonderful social graces. She even took the time to show me a yearbook with Dolly Parton’s photo in it because they went to school together! The letter she sent thanked her daughter for the wonderful surprise and the lovely night out they all had together. The things that got me, made me cry all over again, was this “February 4th, my most celebrated birthday. I love that we have pictures!”
Now, whether she meant the photos I took or the ten thousand I can only assume her children took that evening, that line means everything.
I LOVE that we have pictures.
They freeze time. Make the fantastic memories immortal. That smile on her face when she opened the door, the one she kept wearing until she fell asleep, as well as all night in her dreams.
That fantastic, strong, wonderful person you love so so much. You have it all. Forever.
Because you have pictures.
Thank you for this experience, it is moments like this I remember why I do what I do. It truly was a pleasure. I hope you all had the best day ever!
xx-Ashley Lodge

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