Tara’s Roaring 20’s Transformation


Some people just have that look. 

You know, when you see their face and you think, “wow, you would have been perfectly happy had you lived in the ____’s”

We all have that 70’s Hippy friend, or the new wave 80’s type. When I look at Tara, I see ‘1920’s Flapper’ written all over her. Luckily, it also happens to be her favorite era, so it was easy to convince her she would be perfect for a stylized session. I wanted to make her look like Clara Bow, well, more than she already does in a way. 

So, I set to work as I do on every session, designing the lighting, costumes, makeup, and props (some from scratch and modified objects) to re-create that vintage 20’s feel. 

Though I am not a professional Makeup artist like the beautiful and great Melissa Young, I used a 1920’s ‘mood board’ with tips on vintage makeup styles to help us along our way. 



Once I had ‘painted’ Tara like a Ziegfeld girl, her outfit was on and her hair was ready, we got on set. I like to set the mood and really get into stylized sessions, so I had a roaring 20’s playlist going the whole time….
‘I wanna be loved by you just you..boop oop be doo OH!’



This image was inspired by the great Catherine Moylan. She was a Ziegfeld Girl in the early 20’s. Her images like most were very soft so I edited accordingly. Typically I would not over soften the facial features on my client or a model, however, it really was a sign of the time to have that feel to the image.



In the 20’s women were discovering they could be whoever they wanted to be. It was a time of short skirts, Jazz clubs, cigarettes, ‘anything you can do, I can do better’, and in my opinion the true start of the feminist movement. Women were being arrested for indecency, as they were wearing ‘form fitting’ bathing suits (which were still covering 80% of their body!) The birth of the Flapper was the epitome of rebellion for females, as they could really let it all out and be themselves, damn the consequences.

ImageAlthough Tara does not smoke, she was willing to use this cigarette as an prop. Thats a real model/friend for ya!                                    


ImageI made the headband she is wearing here the night before, as neither one of us had a ‘flapper style’ hair accessory on hand. 




Inspired by Faith Bacon, Ziegfeld girl and burlesque dancer





I had a fantastic time during this session! I would love to do the 50’s next, as that is one of my favorite eras. If you have that post-war era look about you, contact me and let’s get creative!


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