Morristown Cashmob Infiltrates the Witches Brew!


On Saturday, March 15th Morristown TN Cashmob, an organization which allows people to vote for a local business to support heavily for a day in hopes of boosting their customer base, finally made it to a business who was nominated in every single voting round for the last 6 months. Witches Brew! Remember my first blog post about them? They have come a really long way since the first time I was amazed by them.

witches brew sign

Tamitha Morgan and Forrest Heaton have been conjuring up all sorts of new and exciting reasons to stop by and have a brew.  They have live music on occasion, a small selection of boutique handmade retail items you cannot find anywhere else, brownies, cakes, cookies and specialty drinks that are so delicious it should be illegal.

witches (5 of 9)

The pair of them are a fantastic example of what determination, hard work, dedication, and a bit of hope can do to accomplish your dreams. When I first met them back in August I was looking for a new place to go that was close to my house and had good coffee. The name itself attracted me, yet when I walked inside and saw the beautiful ambiance and  relaxed atmosphere I really fell in love. They have been through so much together as a team, friends, baristas and business owners and it has been a pleasure to watch and document their growth. They deserved every customer that walked through the door as a result of Saturday’s CashMob and WOW was it busy!
crowd final

They are never totally empty when I go in for a cup, mind you, yet there was not a seat in the house on Saturday!  You can tell the clientele runs the gamut of ages and interests. Witches Brew is truly a place where kindred spirits congregate from all walks of life. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy great drinks excellent food and freshly baked sweets served with a smile?

strawberry cake

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake.
They should call it the great disappearing chocolate covered strawberry cake the way it sold.
No wonder, as it looks and tastes absolutely delicious! They almost always have fresh chocolate covered strawberries on hand, as well as a variety of cheese cakes which the New York girl in me is infatuated by. I just want to eat all of them 😉


Voo Doo Sugar Cookies
Such a hit on Valentine’s day they have become a mainstay at the brew.

1925134_511641692278538_920608712_nDecorated Sugar Cookies
They have so many types of cookies, all made from scratch from fresh ingredients.
To name a few of my personal favorites:

  • Salted caramel (these WILL be famous one day!)
  • Peanut butter buttons
  • Raspberry chocolate
  • Lemon sugar cookies
  • Apple cinnamon oatmeal raisin
  • Chocolate toffee
  • Plus the popular Marble Brownies. Love them!

coffee pot final

Even the coffee is exotic and fresh! You can even buy ground or whole bean to take home with you to enjoy a bit of the brew every morning.

On Saturday they showcased ‘The Cat In The Hat’ aka Scott Perkins, taking the center stage and entertaining the loyal cashmobbers. He preformed some great classic jams which had a little something for everyone.

cat in the hatguitar final

witches (9 of 9)

The Cat In the Hat is a one man act for hire. For more information: | | 865-201-9798

Upcoming Events at Witches Brew

  • April 5th- Business is Blooming at Frank Miller Park
  • April 10th- Taste Of Morristown at Walter’s State Gymnasium
  • April 12th- Book signing by local author Krissy Nahrling-Harding, ‘A Unicorn’s tale’.

For more information on events, call or stop by Witches Brew-

3606 West Andrew Johnson Highway |  423-289-1575

One thought on “Morristown Cashmob Infiltrates the Witches Brew!

  1. We were there and it was great! I can confirm that the chocolate cake was a dream. The orange cream soda was the best I’ve ever had. The roasted tomato soup was awesome and I look forward to going back for more. Thanks ladies for a very special evening.

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