Cashmob celebrates Old Town Variety Mall



You couldn’t miss the entrance to Old Town Variety Mall on Saturday, March 29th, as the front and back entrances were adorned with balloons celebrating the Cash mobbers arrival and support. I have been in a few times in the past, and I always find something unique for myself or a loved one.
ImageMeet Jim McGhee, owner of Old Town Variety Mall. He purchased the space in January of 2009 with the original intention of it being an auction house. It had been an antique mall for 18 years prior to Jim purchasing it, and when he gave it a try it did very well! The idea is to house a multitude of different shops under one roof. This gives the store a very eclectic feel with something old and new for all audiences.

Today was extra special, as all the vendors had combined resources and baked a beautiful array of spring-inspired sweet treats for the mobbers to enjoy. It really was fantastic to see the amount of heart and effort went in to this cash mob. It is the fourth downtown business to receive a mob, and it seems as though there is a bit of a ‘revival’ occurring downtown as a result!



  • Shown left to right- sue ozee, peggy lane, bonnie storms, cathy scott, Sue Church, sheila carpenter, terry shockey

These wonderful and creative ladies did a wonderful job putting together the door prizes, baked goods and radiant personalities to share with the cash mobbers on this record breaking day for Old Town Variety Mall! Happy to have their respective shops within the mall, some of them have been a part of it for 3-5 years. There really are some incredible hidden treasures in the place, and with every turn it seemed like I found something I had never seen before. They do such a great job of seeking out and selling some very unique items. Check out of some of my most favorite things from the day:


I loved the signs the different shops had hanging up. They were all so artistic and different! They communicate that If you were looking for the perfect gift for someone who has everything, you are certainly in the right place.


ImageI mean, where else would you find a birdhouse that looked like a camper?


What about the most interesting array of spice shakers ever seen?


How about a helping hand to hold your used teabag? (I really considered buying these!)


This tiny French Provincial tea set brought back so many fond memories of playing with my American Girl dolls as a child. I had the EXACT same tea set growing up.


I have an affinity for interesting mugs, especially from places I visit around the country and world. For $1.00 each, I may have to add a few extras to my collection!


Does anyone even know what this is anymore?! Thats right, an oversized iPod! I love Jukeboxes, and they actually have three, yes, THREE for sale! Pick your favorite era, take it home, and rock out to some golden oldies.


Another thing that took me back to my childhood, my Great Grandfather had a shaving kit he used every morning. Part of that was a brush that looked just like this one. Men used to be SO classy with their morning routines.


Speaking of class, I absolutely adored these Lennox bone china elephants, complete with 24 karat gold accents. Despite how breakable some of precious items in the shops are, I never felt like when I was little and mom would be making sure I did not breath too heavily and knock something over. They have everything very secure, so you can browse without worry, which is great for us clumsy people.


This Elixir Elf was one of my favorite handmade friends. You can tell whoever made him really put a lot of care into it.


Daffy Bells! How fun are they?


Last but not least, this is their current window display. Nothing says spring more than a candy painted Schwinn with a basket and white wall tires!

Thank you again to everyone who made this cashmob such a big success! It was so busy in Old Town Variety Mall today, and it was really fantastic to hear that they broke a sales record.

For more information or to pop in for a visit:

181 West Main Street, Morristown TN 37814 | 423-438-1023 |



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