Masie Fishburn-The Cutest kid winner!


In February I had a contest on my Facebook page to find the cutest kid in Morristown! Little Masie won by about 30 votes, but totaled in at almost 1,000! It is no wonder, she is so adorable!



You can really see the perfect mix of her mommy and daddy in her face, she is just absolutely darling!


Brooke and Mason and getting married on May 24th! They are a really sweet couple and wonderful parents.


You can tell she is a daddy’s girl! Every time Mason picked her up or smiled at her, she burst out into giggles!

Towards the end of the session, she started getting a little cranky (Hey Lady! Get that camera out of my beautiful face!) but mommy came to the rescue and gave her some kisses to make her smile again!


Masie will be 1 year old on August 22nd. Since she won the contest, she is being featured in some of my advertising as the new ‘face of Ashley Lodge Photography’. She also won a custom outfit from Grins, Giggles and Grace, a local shop that specializes in handmade children’s outfits, and a free spring art camp at I Am An Artist, a unique place that lets the little ones create their own mini masterpieces while learning about art. 


Would you like to win a free mommy and me session? comment on the photo about what makes your little ones the most special people in your heart and I will randomly chose a winner by May 1st! |

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