Sam’s Meat Cleaver, The business love built!


I could name a few husband/wife teams that work well together in a business sense, but I am pretty sure the list is short. It takes a lot of patience, faith, love and discipline to guide each other and be supportive to attain your mutual dreams.I met a couple today that gives me hope not only for myself, but for other couples I know who are building their careers and businesses together. They show you that if you have dedication, vision and love-all things are possible.



On the fourth of December, 1971, Samuel Calvin Moore and Sharon Elizabeth Portwood were wed with a vision and a dream in mind. They purchased 1547 West Andrew Johnson Highway in the spring of ’72  with the idea to build a meat market and deli behind the house. After the home had been remodeled and exactly what they wanted for their marital dwelling, they set to work on making their vision a reality.



The name came from a good friend of the couple’s, Don Britton and if you ask me it is perfect! It really brings in the ‘down home’ feel you get when you walk in. It is very cozy inside which is exactly what they were going for.



The store opened it’s doors on the 28th of July 1978, with a very organic and humble goal in mind. Sam and Sharon never wanted to expand the building too big. They wanted to maintain care, quality and freshness in everything they did. It was enough for them to offer the community high quality products at a fair price, and they have certainly delivered that promise!



You are welcomed by a friendly staff and a beautiful meat case when you arrive. They handle rushes well, and you never wait too long for your order. I love the country feel of the shop,as it is very warm and welcoming. If you are like me and have never met the shop owners previously, they are great at making you feel like family and putting you in an upbeat mood right away. Even when they started to get busy during the lunch rush, they never seemed stressed out. These are people who genuinely love what they do, and I love them for it!



If you are eating in, waiting for your huge order to be filled, or just want to sit and have a chat, I love these rocking chairs as a seating option! Although they do have a regular table to sit down and enjoy your meal, I think I would choose these cozy chairs every time.



The checkout counter is covered with vintage style candies for sale I have not seen since I was a kid! I love the decor and I really felt like I had just walked into the local butcher with my Grandmother again when I was little. I had such a soft nostalgic heart for this place. Everywhere I looked there was something else that took me back to my childhood. The only thing that isn’t frozen in time is the delicious meat they sell.



The menu is pretty basic, which is perfect for someone like me who likes to keep lunch simple. My husband and I had cheeseburgers. Mid way through eating, we talked about how ridiculous it is that people would ever go to McDonald’s when this amazing piece of culinary art was just down the road for basically the same price! It was truly a wonderful experience. We enjoyed them so much, we did our regular grocery shopping except for the chicken and beef we typically buy, came back to Sam’s and bought fresh meat. I was surprised to find Sam’s not only beats the competition supermarket butcher with quality and freshness, but on price as well!

ImageSam’s bacon wrapped filet, and Sharon’s locally renowned deviled eggs.


ImageIf you have never tried Sam’s Meat Cleaver either for lunch, your weekly shopping, or both I highly suggest you finish reading this blog, get in the car and head on over to:
1549 West Andrew Johnson Highway, Morristown TN 37814

or call 423-581-2680

Get the local experience!


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