Morgan Ball bringing the firepower in Fully Loaded III



untitled shoot-146 F

Morgan is no stranger to firearms. She has a vast collection of them she was happy to donate as well as supervise during the session to make sure everyone who was less experienced would be safe. Thanks again, Morgan! 

untitled shoot-163 F

I started Morgan off with a super traditional Annie Oakley style in the studio. She reminded me so much of her. The detail on this rifle was stunning.

untitled shoot-188 FYou don’t want to be on the wrong end of this!

untitled shoot-418 F

Beautiful, fierce and talented as well, Morgan strutted her guitar skills for us on location.

untitled shoot-424 F

untitled shoot-436 F

She was using her extra guitar case as a way to transport the smaller guns in their individual cases, which really made me giggle. It sort of made me think of an old west style comic book character.untitled shoot-490 F

Now that is some serious trigger control 😉 *don’t worry, these were ALL unloaded, I would never let anyone point a gun at my camera, or me for that matter!*

untitled shoot-507 F


Morgan is a badass country chick-don’t mess with her!

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