Marena Ryle’s wet and wild summer shoot


 Well, as most of you know, I cannot get enough of my awesome friend Marena Rayle. Whenever I get a rush of inspiration, I know I can always give her a call and she will be right over, eager and ready to go on another awesome photography adventure. 
This time, I had a new challenge for us. I wanted to shoot an entire stylized session which would require no editing.

No Photoshop allowed.

What you are about to see is the result of that experiment…well…almost. I did mess around with a few of them in Lightroom, but miss Marena is such a terrific and well practiced model at this point, I did not need any corrections aside from creative color changes. 

Here we go!


I saw this wig at a convention for $20 and I knew I had to have it for a shoot. Marena instantly came to mind, as she looks so much like an anime character already! This photo is SOOC (Straight out of camera) just to give you an idea of how much she really does look like a beautiful cartoon character. 



Another SOOC portrait of Marena checking out some people hanging out in the house boats behind us. We were laughing about how crazy it must have looked, me with a huge backpack and boots, her with a long purple wig and a bikini on. We kept sinking into the mud as well, I must have stepped on at least 10 sharp rocks that really hurt! *ouch!*


A little less candid and a bit of tweaking, Marena overcame her fears and went pretty deep into the lake, so she could slowly come back up to create these shots.


Can anyone name the movie cover this sort of reminds me of?



Marena is simply stunning. I mean, look at those beautiful eyes. I swear they get more amazing every time we shoot together!


We switched locations from a nice warm lake in the sun, to a very cold stream in a shaded forest. Brrr!


Marena is a trooper though, and she always endures whatever she can for a shot! I like to think I don’t put her through too much 😉


Drying off a little in the shade, rocking the purple wig some more. I swear, it was made for her!



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