Alexandra & Philip Lenz introduce their new assistants!

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Phillip and Alexandra Lenz are quite possibly the most appropriately named people on the planet. These guys are seriously incredibly good at what they do. What do they do? They take amazing photos of awesome people for a living. Much akin to how I enjoy showing everyone’s true and natural beauty, Lenz Photography is all about showing off how epic and iconic you are. They are fantastic at it too! Don’t just take my word for it,  Check it out for yourself.

They recently moved from Atlanta to Knoxville, in search of even more awesome and epic people to capture being their amazing selfs. Every photographer needs an assistant, however and occasionally you need a four legged furry one to help keep you sane.  😉 Meet the new additions as well as check out some fun and 100% natural light images I shot of my favorite local photographers and friends.

Meet Gershwin and Canon.


They are the best of friends and they really complete this happy family. 


Speaking of happy families…


They are so sweet and perfect together…


They constantly make each other laugh..


Seriously. I doubt there is much else Alexandra loves more than laughing!


They do have their moments of romance in between being epic of course…


And who could blame Phillip?


Alexandra is the full package. Beauty, intelligence…


and of course that glorious sense of humor!


Oh yea, and I guess Phillip is pretty awesome too 😉 He has great hair.


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