13 Photos to help you sleep better

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The title of this post is a lie. Well, it’s two lies really.

The first lie is there are actually 14 images, but hey it is almost Halloween so 13 sounds way cooler. Also, I am not so sure if this will help you paranoid insomniacs out there. Yet if you are anything like me there is nothing like a good ghost story to tuck you in at night.

This is Jim McGee. Most of you know him as a friendly local shop keeper with great stories to tell. He owns Old Town Variety mall in Downtown Morristown, TN, and if you missed my blog about how awesome they are you can find it here.

Jim has a hidden secret though. Many people don’t know that while he is a friendly shopkeeper by day-he is an avid (friendly) ghost hunter by night.



Above the quaint antique shop he runs with the help of some amazing folks, there lies the first apartment building/hotel in Morristown. Built in 1914 it is celebrating it’s 100th year in existence. You know who else is celebrating this centennial?
You guessed it-ghosts! Jim is gonna find them too. Just you wait!



Equipped with him EVP recorder and EMF detector (for those of you not hip to ghost hunting acronyms that is Electronic Voice Phenomenon & Electro Magnetic Field) Jim hopes to break apart his own skeptic nature and find what could be the truth about what is lurking in the shadows of history.

Here is what ‘normal’ looks like



This is what it looks like if there is strong energy (omg ghosts!) in a certain area

jimghosts-2866There were a few times the last red light was flashing so strongly it was off the charts! So why in the world would ghosts or residual energy be ‘haunting’ an old burnt down remnant of an apartment/hotel from 100 years ago? There are many theories involving science like material memory and string theory,  however this area had it’s own bit of traumatic history from years ago.  Back when this was an apartment block, there was a fire in the top floor where we were standing. Tragedy took the life of a little boy, who passed away from smoke inhalation. Whether the spikes in the EMF detector (in the room right next to where he dies) tell us anything or not, Jim is after the truth!

jimghosts-2870This photo was taken in the spot where the EMF detector goes crazy. Jim demonstrated to me that this is not a parlor trick, nor does it have anything to do with the dead plug socket or our cell phones. He has been investigating this area for years and still has no answer. My equipment started acting a little crazy in this area as well. If there is one thing I know well, it’s my camera, and I was really amazed to find my auto focus going haywire, as well as very strange thick hazing in certain areas where the light made no sense to act that way. Spooky.



Jim is dead serious about figuring it all out though, check out his page The Graveyard Shift. It is all about local haunts and teaming up with other investigators to find out the truth.




One thing is certain, if there is a creepy dark corner or spooky noise that cannot be explained-Jim is running head first to it to uncover it’s secrets.




Jim ain’t afraid of no ghosts. In fact, they may be a little spooked by him  and his awesome trench coat!




Speaking of dark and creepy corners, what is this?!




A spooky sign! Jim is running a Ghost Hunt again this year which is also be a celebration of this buildings 100th year in history! Call the number to get information and book your spot.






Thats not all you will experience though! Jim has worked so hard collecting Morristown TN artifacts he has an entire museum in the floor below this haunted attraction. Enjoy some amazing storytelling by Jim Clayborn alongside some forgotten facts and history on the city we live in and love.




For a ghoulishly good time Call 423-438-1023 for more information or check out The Graveyard Shift.




Like what you see? Tell me what you think in the comments below or give me a call, I would love to hear from you!

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