Crystal’s stunning natural beauty transformation



This is Crystal. Like any 20 year old girl, Crystal has hang ups about herself. She mentions things to me about watching her weight and ‘needing’ to shed some pounds. She is self conscious about pimples and unruly hair-just like we all are.  The hardest thing about growing up in my opinion, is that sense that you are also growing old. Which is really funny, because we spend so much time looking in the mirror and finding things we dislike that we forget how beautiful we really are in that moment. As many of you know, one of my favorite things to do with my passion for photography is photograph those who hate having their picture taken. Crystal is a great example of that, and my I ever glad she let me!


Employing the use of my new natural light studio, Crystal and I had a fantastic time being girls. We did hair, makeup, talked about boys, listened to Florence and the Machine and had ourselves one amazing time getting acquainted with each other, as well as my camera. 


It is so hard to believe this girl would ever have thought a single
negative thing about her beauty, right? 


I mean, really?!


Yet the truth is we all do, and at the core of it all, in the right light….


With a dash of confidence and some very light makeup…


every woman is just as gorgeous!


So don’t be afraid of the camera! Don’t be shy to show who you are.
How you want to be remembered, celebrated and adored.


Because every woman is a queen…
it’s time you were photographed like one!


I cannot thank Crystal enough for allowing me to really capture her beauty. I know it is tough for many women to be on the other side of the lens (even I get ‘shutter-shy’ too!) however, if you still are not convinced, read this blog about my personal experience having loved and lost a woman who refused to exist in photos.

It is so important ladies. For your kids, grandkids, husbands and yourself to be captured exactly as you are now.  You are beautiful, just let it shine!

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