Cinna’s Little Rockstars!


untitled shoot-114-10

Meet Cinna, Tucker, Jesslyn and Jett

untitled shoot-109-10

Cinna is the gorgeous mommy of three beautiful and talented kids.

untitled shoot-047-12

She has her hands full of greatness, for sure!

untitled shoot-054-13

Tucker is the drummer of the family

untitled shoot-063-13

Look out, Neil Peart! There is a new master on the scene…

untitled shoot-071-12

Be on the look out for Tucker in the future!

untitled shoot-077-11

Jesslynn is the vocalist and model of the house.

untitled shoot-083-11

She has a repertoire of poses at the ready…

untitled shoot-087-11

Kendall Jenner better watch her back….Jesslynn is on the scene!

untitled shoot-093-11

Little Jett is the next big drummer of the house

untitled shoot-094-11

He’s got a lot of catching up to do! One thing he is an expert at…

untitled shoot-100-10

Being super adorable!

untitled shoot-143-9

This beautiful family sure has a lot of love for each other, no question!

untitled shoot-213-7

Jesslynn always has Tucker looking out for her…

untitled shoot-205-7

They both always have Jett’s back…

untitled shoot-177-8

but everyone looks out for mommy!

It was a pleasure photographing the lovely miss Jesslynn again, as well as meeting her awesome brothers this time!

untitled shoot-222-6

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